• April 15, 2016

// Around . mARTE installation //

// Around . mARTE installation //

// Around . mARTE installation // 1024 713 CARLA PONTES

As a planet goes around a star, as a moon goes around a planet.
ORBIT invites you to look into our planet throughout the sky.
It gives you the chance to see the contour curves in a dry lake,
the volume of a volcano, the texture of the lava flow.
It’s enhanced by grains and granite, by textures and terraces.

A darker insight! But at the same time
a vision of different states of beauty, that ORBIT around.”

//Around . instalação mARTE  //

“Around” convida a andar à volta. Convidamos a percorrer o espaço orbital

e a deixar-se evolver pelo seu núcleo de volumes, sons, texturas, visões,

aspetos e formas… de dentro para fora, sinta no rosto o sopro do vento,

olhe o céu… “that ORBIT around”.

ph: Joana Patrão

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