• March 26, 2018

SOUND – aw ’18’19

SOUND – aw ’18’19

SOUND – aw ’18’19 150 150 CARLA PONTES

Portugal Fashion . 23rd March 2018

Porto | Parque da Cidade


music // live act : Tresor&Bosxh – grocery


‘SOUND’ .  aw18’19

Portugal Fashion

Friday, March 23, 2018

17h | Parque da Cidade – Porto


‘SOUND’ where everything starts with a noise.

The exhibition “On the Verge of Visibility” by Wolfgang Tillmans was the starting point of the concept development – a research on the visual representation of sounds. Images deconstructed into noise on the zooming action.  Images suggesting sounds, vibrations, trembles… questioning the silence, encouraging the imagination and finding sounds where they do not exist yet. The individual challenge of representation and abstraction at the same time. Between images, sonority and thoughts we see movement and a true identity arising.

Carrying this abstract glance about images and sounds, Carla Pontes features for her autumn winter 2018’19 collection the importance of individual identity. Her ideas are reflected on the characteristic textured and irregular materials of cotton and compact wool, which the Portuguese designer creates exclusively for each season. The color palette is made of black and dark grey, collects some light notes on a noisy pattern, and finds contrast on vibrant shades of red, blue and mint. A collection mixing color and rhythm, on minimalist looks.  Models are loose, or tight – the identity of one’s is what creates the true body for each garment.

Using the notion of “timelessness” as a relevant element of the constant creation of new fashion products, the designer refines the versatile language of its collections and brings to the frenetic urban context the organic volumes and subtle details that define the brand’s contemporary aesthetics.


support //

portugal fashion . anje

exporgal . malhas e confecções lda.

eureka shoes


room coordination // isabel branco

backstage team and styling //

joão pontes . sara oliveira . melissa antunes . cláudia garrido . nelson vieira . pedro neto

make up artist // paulo almeida MAC

hair artist // vasco freitas


music // live act : Tresor&Bosxh – grocery


special thanks //

musicians . pedro oliveira . ricardino lomba . tiago rosendo . joão coutada

team . joão pontes . isabel branco . sara oliveira .

melissa antunes . cláudia garrido . nelson vieira . pedro neto


thanks //

andreia fonseca . carla reis . eunice pais . filomena silva . joão pontes . pedro pontes

. colaboradores exporgal . equipas de organização portugal fashion e anje