• June 11, 2018



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Help is the trend . Médicos do Mundo on NOS Primavera Sound

#helpisthetrend : Let’s make the act of help a trend!


During the NOS Primavera Sound Festival, the Médicos do Mundo (MdM) organization challenged audiences to take selfies with the very known blue vests redesign by four Portuguese designers and publish the photos on Instagram with a #Helpisthetrend hashtag.

Carla Pontes were one of the designers who reinvented the blue vests. The inspiration came from the vest stories. From the person who wore them for a special cause. One of them was used in Afghanistan in 2002, were the Dr. Fernando Appert help refugees in Midwood camp, and the other was used by Dr. Armindo Figueiredo after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In a clear message of organic communication, we join words and cover the vests with patterns, which are messages and incentives for humanity. It is urgent to act! It is urgent to unite, it is urgent to communicate and to be Human.

The organization was on the festival and received public figures and influencers in the mission of donating selfies to the social media and spread it to the world. The vests were displayed at the MdM stand, each with a label that addresses the organization’s missions, causes or projects in Portugal and worldwide. The objective was to raise awareness and make known the cause of the organization, encourage donations and spread the cause worldwide.

Let’s make the act of help a trend!



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