• July 4, 2019

Who makes our clothes ?

Who makes our clothes ?

Who makes our clothes ? 1024 1024 CARLA PONTES

CARLA PONTES is joining #FashionRevolution to help promote transparency in the fashion industry.
We are opening the doors so you can get to know us better.

We’re a slow fashion brand that values local production.
Every single piece is designed by Carla at ourĀ // lab store in Barcelos, and produced only a few kilometers away.

Carla is the creator, the brain behind each piece.
Creates, draws and models the patterns of the pieces at CARLA PONTES // lab store.
Chooses the materials, from the selection of yarns, structures and finishes, for the knits construction.
She makes the first molds studies and is always present in the development of each sample.

Exporgal is our main partner, where the various stages of production of our pieces take place:
knitting, cutting, confection and finishing.
We work very closelly, meeting regularly to get every detail right.

Maia is the yarn machine programmer.
Always dedicated and with good technical advice, he accepts and solves all the challenges that Carla’s drawings present to him.


Alexandra is the model maker.
Tranforms into garments all the strange proposals of molds that Carla presents to her.
Careful and detailed, she solves and alerts to construction processes, improving the processes and ensuring more quality in the final result.

Paula is one of Exporgal’s seamstresses.
She is our sample seamstress, always in a good mood and perfectionist. She is constantly attentive to the detail and proposes solutions that will assure manufacture quality for our pieces.

We worry about our social and environmental impact.
Creating garments with passion, purpose and dignity.

This year we are slowing down, giving time to creation and production without running.
We are proud to present collections of continuity that are not attached to seasons.

We love creating responsible design pieces.
Pieces that are not disposable, that follow us in time by their quality, durability and timelessness.