CARLA PONTES presents at Portugal Fashion’s 45th edition in a new format that reinforces the intention of embracing slow fashion.
On the way to sustainability, the designer chose to reduce conceiving an installation named “PAUSE” instead of the traditional catwalk collection presentation.

portugal fashion . alfândega do porto . october 19

creative direction: CARLA PONTES
co-direction: Diogo Mendes
support: Anje – Portugal Fashion
Exporgal, Malhas e Confecções Lda



Facing the need for time for process and the search for the pertinence of creation, the designer Carla Pontes assumes that she wants to break with the scheduled presentations and launch new collections at a more natural pace for her:
“I want my product to reach the market in a relevant way, I want to explore more and more the volumetries that embrace the body and that the time for process is not limited by the calendar.
I consider that our planet does not need quantity, but relevance, and in this sense I decided to follow my nature. ”

She adds “Living in an age when we don’t choose garments because we need protection but because we need to reinforce our identity, it makes more sense for me to present a reinforcement of brand identity than a collection of new products. ”

Addressing her own creative process archive, CARLA PONTES introduces the public to the most intimate/personal side and the one the designer loves the most.
Exposes the process of creation of one of the most iconic pieces she has developed as a fashion designer and reveals the most poetic and pure side of involvement with nature and her humanity. From the inspiration stage to the final product, gradually displays the natural sequence of eternal return. It also notices how each end of process can be an inspiration for a new beginning.

The fashion industry has been buzzing with new concepts stimulated by the pursuit of a more conscious and sustainable fashion.
Opened to this reality, Portugal Fashion has supported the designer’s vision and has articulated a new way of giving voice to the brand in alternative to the traditional catwalk presentations.