portugal fashion . alfândega do porto . march 19

special collaboration with Zouri vegan shoes



photos by Quasi Australis

photos by André Faria

photos by Joana Dionísio

photos by Dulce Daniel

photos by Sal Nunkachov


Under the motto “Remember where you come from” CARLA PONTES presents a collection that marks a moment of transition.
Questioning the pertinence of massive creations decides to work on the already worked and presents a living set up that reinforces what considers to be the most distinctive point of her work.
Influenced by what inspired her the most during the 7 years of creations and assigns her fascination by the union of forms that reflects her pure and minimal design.

Exposes the richness of mold construction and invites the public to take a closer look at the lines that build the volumes of her garments.
Chooses neutral shades to enhance the value of the shapes that sometimes highlights in contrast, reinforcing the building lines.

“Remember where you come from” is a personal reminder about what motivates Carla Pontes for the creation of fashion and the affirmation of a new path. Without seasons and without time pressure, the designer believes in the renaissance of the fashion industry by its encounter with the pertinence of creation. Values local savoir-faire, reinforces the importance of sustainability, of recycling and reuse.
Embraces slow fashion with continuity collections that respond to the new reality of seasons that are mixed throughout the year. Garments that follow us in time, connecting all seasons, moods and concepts.