Looking to depurate even more the distinctive urban versatility which defines her identity, CARLA PONTES celebrates her 10th collection this season.

Cementing her status as a designer, WIND new aw17’18 is a flashback of PONTES’ previous collections refining, at the same time, the brand’s aesthetic, volumetric and minimalistic signature style.

The symbolical and physical presence of wind serves as inspiration, keeping on with the characteristic connection with nature and using modeling to discover and debug shapes and cuts. Seams have been eliminated and comfort is enhanced, selecting textures and soft touches featuring materials like cotton and wool.

Under plastic and artistic influences, CARLA PONTES opposes her design of organic volumetry with urban and sporty details, such as subtle metallic applications, plastic graphics and details with strong color contrasts.

With a strong focus on neutral tones, WIND palette consists of blacks, shades of raw, gray and sky blue. It finds derivations in meshes with crossed out effects and is illuminated by the vibrant contrasting of grapefruit color.

With a background in product design and a graduation in fashion design, CARLA PONTES has made a name for herself since the launch of her eponymous label in 2012. Her designs balance shapes and fabrics combining architectural influences and unexpected details to create timeless collections for contemporary women.

Concerned with the times of fashion industry and the constant search for new products, the Portuguese designer wanted her 10th collection to redefine, highlight and relaunch some of the most successful pieces of her previous seasons.