slow, urban and detailed design for the contemporary woman
ORBIT video series 902 505 CARLA PONTES

ORBIT video series

// ORBIT #1/5 _ around Around. As a planet goes around a star, as a moon goes around a planet. ORBIT invites you to look into our planet throughout the…

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ORBIT available at selected stores disponível em lojas seleccionadas L’Habibliothèque . Paris Marshmallow . Viseu Minty . online Portugal Fashion Bloom Concept Store . Porto Scar.id store . Porto The . Porto,…

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PLI in New York 1024 650 CARLA PONTES

PLI in New York

Carla Pontes is now available in the USA through Uniquae emagazine/eshop check out the photos and videos featuring PLI models at uniquae.com

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// next stop: Shanghai // 730 457 CARLA PONTES

// next stop: Shanghai //

oversized wool coat @ makers’ installation 533 800 CARLA PONTES

oversized wool coat @ makers’ installation

photo credits: João Octávio Peixoto +++

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‘PLI’ spring.summer 15 372 559 CARLA PONTES

‘PLI’ spring.summer 15

LEAF for spring 1024 768 CARLA PONTES

LEAF for spring

‘LEAF for spring’ is the spring side of LEAF collection. It explores the moment when everything begins to flourish, the germination, the petals that come to wrap the body. This spring will…

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seed, blossom, bloom 768 1024 CARLA PONTES

seed, blossom, bloom

Jacket _ dress “Leaf”Organdy _ voile – 100% cottonhandmade dyeing   “Leaf” – Carla Pontes ENG Leaf was born to respond to the challenge theme BLOOM. The look shows my…

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