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The ideal pieces for travelling 1024 743 CARLA PONTES

The ideal pieces for travelling

Our pieces are designed for the daily life of the contemporary woman.We know that travelling is already part of your routine, either to a weekend get away, holidays or even…

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CARLA PONTES ❤ Egon Schiele 1024 1024 CARLA PONTES

CARLA PONTES ❤ Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele’s universe of paintings was our main source of inspiration for ‘CORPO’ collection. Between his drawings, paintings and self-portraits we found details of strength and fragility. We wanted to explore the…

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CORPO campaign by Quasi australis 683 1024 CARLA PONTES

CORPO campaign by Quasi australis

photos by QUASI AUSTRALISfootwear by @ZOURI ‘CORPO’ explores the beauty of the individual body.Cotton is the main fabric, transformed in interpretations of stretch marks and scars. The result: super textured…

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New collection ‘CORPO’ in selected stores 1024 717 CARLA PONTES

New collection ‘CORPO’ in selected stores

Já é possível conhecer a nova coleção ‘CORPO’ nas lojas selecionadas! Para mais informações por favor envie-nos um e-mail para store@carlapontes.com _____________Our new collection is now available at selected stores!For…

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The official video of ‘corpo’ collection presentation at Portugal Fashion. (starting at 01:25)

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invitation // ‘CORPO’ 835 590 CARLA PONTES

invitation // ‘CORPO’

CARLA PONTES invites you to the presentation of ‘CORPO’ spring.summer 2019 collection at Portugal Fashion week. A collection inspired by Egon Schiele’s universe – the sketches, paintings, self-portraits and, above…

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